Making the Mark that Wins Hearts Now & Forever

It isn't easy to make a place in the market and sustain; however, it is tougher to become a market leader. It needs commitment, trust, transparency, burning the midnight oil, working those odd hours, sticking to quality and ever innovating, and more to become a market leader. It also needs understanding the need of the customers and how to address their pain points in the most appropriate way while also being connected to them during the tough times. Yes, building relationship with customers is also integral to a brand's success.

But like it's said, reaching the top is just the beginning; sustaining there is the next step, and staying in the hearts of the customers forever is the ultimate achievement. Market leaders have learnt this the hard way and hence they practice all necessary measures to ensure their customers become their advocates. Indeed they have torn apart the adage `winners don't do different things, they do things differently'. In today time where people live in two different worlds ­ digital & real ­ it is essential they do different things and things differently. That is how they stand out among similar players.

Our current edition of siliconindia Magazine brings to you such leaders who have championed the art of being the numero uno. This issue features few such market leaders under the listing `Market Leaders of the Year ­ 2020'. Our team of experts along with our Editorial Board together have shortlisted and financed the names to bring to you their story of excellence, perseverance and commitment to customers. Read to know more about them.

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