Language Translation and Interpretation to Take Your Businesses Global

Deepshikha Singh, Special EditorToday, there are approximately 6,500 spoken languages spoken across the world out of which about 2,000 of these languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers. While mandarin chinese is the most popular language in the world with 1,213,000,000 people speaking this language, english stands strong as the dominant, most widely spoken language followed by spanish, japanese, portuguese, german, arabic french, russian and korean, and others. With businesses continuously striving to go global and almost every business having access to sell their products and services across any country on the globe, there are still
many who fail to capture the international markets and one of the major reasons behind this is poor communication. One cannot ignore the fact that there is a need for someone to interpret or translate numerous languages. The need to communicate across languages and cultures is growing rapidly. Cross-language communication is hard and if not done properly can lead to loss of information in translation due to translation or interpretation errors.

With numerous living languages, the industry of providing services for the language interpreting and translating is constantly growing with almost infinite potentials. From conducting business across foreign nations to helping students enroll in foreign schools, Language and its importance continue to evolve. And even though technology has come a long way, when it comes to translating or interpreting a language, it is essential to get it right the first time. Hence, in this edition of siliconindia magazine we have featured a list of ‘10 Most Promising Language Translation & Interpretation Service Providers - 2020’. A carefully curated list, it reflects the names of firms that are leaving no stone unturned in enhancing communication by conveying information accurately from one language to another in different countries across the world. I hope the list helps you find the right partner and we achieve our mission.
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