Its Alive and Kicking!

The Indian Printing Industry has constantly evolved for the last 15 years. The rise of online media has given operators in printing-related industries fierce competition over the last decade. Printers are now building websites to offer their customized print services across the globe and across the product range, right from customized t-shirts, jerseys, shoes to business cards, brochure and flyers to anything on designing and printing. As margins are shrinking and printing costs continue to rise, more and more print service providers are implementing online web to print shop to cut down on internal expenses and increasing profit margins. Some people believe print marketing is dead, and that digital marketing is the new normal. However, the print industry is alive and kicking. If anything, print marketing keeps improving as technology progresses.

Besides, online printing services make it easy for anyone to order any type of printed product, from personal wallet pictures and canvas wall art to business cards and wedding invitations, all from the convenience of their phone or laptop. Aside from convenience, online printing services can turn anyone into a professional artist. Almost all providers offer pre made templates with artistic combinations of text, images, and layout. Additionally, most offer users the option to work with professional designers to create a polished finished product.

In terms of B2B market, the growing demand for sustainable printing, development of packaging and textile industries worldwide, and a reduction in per unit cost of printing with digital printers are expected to drive the growth of the digital printing market.

Thanks to internet, printing industry is revived and flourishing. This edition is dedicated to the online printing community that has significantly strived to not just innovate, but breathe life into the once seemingly dying industry.
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