Internet is the new Address

Chitra Mishra, Special Editor1989 witnessed its fair share of seminal moments. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the death of Japan's Emperor Hirohito and the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan were some of the landmark events that took place in the final months of the eighties. But we're not here to tell you that. It's just for perspective.

However, one significant shift in 1989 was that a British computer scientist, Tim Berners-Lee, submitted a proposal for a "distributed information system" at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, near Geneva, Switzerland.

Exactly, a year later, the world's first website and server went live at CERN.

With the internet bubble a lot changed for good. In sorts, we became laid back relaxed because
everything we need we can do online. From food to Jobs, everything is now available online. For instance: Jobs. We've come a long way from scooting for the next career option in every newspaper's career editorials and spreading the word about our joblessness in closed circuits of family and friends only hoping to get a reference sooner. However, the latest digital sensation is our saving grace and time, here careers are made on clicks. The job portals in India are the latest go-to for all you job seekers who are looking to just get started, interested for a change in career paths or just want to work outside of their old walls. The in-depth analysis on the job scenario of other countries is helpful for those vying for overseas jobs. You can easily on go onto the net and get a lot of ideas about the job prospects in other countries.

As for the automotive industry, Internet is a boon, though Internet of Things has done the magic. Car manufacturers have traditionally relied on flashy television advertisements to promote their brands. But with the ever-changing media landscape shifting into social media, this all looks set to change. Those shopping for cars don't just sit back and wait to be bombarded with ads, either. They actively seek out information on cars on the Internet.

In this edition we have focused on the job portals that have made significant impact on the 2 very essential market of Indian economy. I hope these portals have the content that you seek. The features are dynamic and very unique. One might ponder what more could be done. Maybe you could tell us.

Do let us know what you think.