Enterprises Extensive Bid on Last Mile Delivery

Having played a crucial role in the development of trade and commerce, and confronted with turbulent effects of COVID-19 in the past few years, the Indian Shipping industry is up against an extraordinarv pressure to improve the customer service, material handling, and inventory management while also increasing cost savings to better serve the waterway transport. And, NVOCC is also a great contributor to the industry.

A Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier(NVOCC) is an ocean carrier that assists transport of goods under its own House Bill of Lading or equivalent documentation, without operating ocean transportation vessels. Rather, an NVOCC leases space from another ocean carrier as they do not usually own their own warehouses. An NVOCC can be described as a shipper to carriers and a carrier to shippers. However, in certain circumstances, a NVOCC may also operate as a freight forwarder.

The focus for cost-cutting measures is due to the continuous volatility in crude oil prices and many clients are demanding for reduction in their transport prices, to meet the increasing waterway transport demands. Fortunately, some supply chain solutions can help the enterprises from facing these challenges and meet these demands. Having the right NVOCC solution providers on board supporting the waterway transport is the key to minimizing shipping costs without sacrificing the quality of care.

The waterway transport is pivotal and unique, and also complex. In depth know-how in ocean logistics management is essential for staying ahead of critical regulatory changes, that make it challenging to achieve compliance. Such changes are raining heavily, and given the environment sustainability and friendliness, many ocean carriers & shipping companies have reported a huge increase in regulatory inspections of waterway transport and management.

As NVOCC Solution Providers significantly serve the waterway transport, and technology is significantly providing for its smart management, the industry is expected to evolve positively in the future.

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