Ensuring Healthy & Clean Happiness

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorWith our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the nation suddenly woke up to cleanliness. We now give more emphasis on keeping everything clean and spike. But the modern days have modern challenges and modern stains (pollution, dirt, dust and others) to deal with. We however realised the extent of negative impact chemical cleaners have on us so very late. We have already polluted our land, water and air enough to spoil the lives of our several next generations. So what is the best that we can do?
Eco-friendly cleaners are the best resort to securing our future. Whether office or home, their results are almost equal to any chemical-based products. Beneficial for health and environment, but still a little heavy on pockets! But when it comes to big buildings and offices, where cleaning is not just about floor and walls, but about the garden, the carpets, the lounges, the bathrooms, the kitchens, the glass walls, and much more. When more people use the space, the stains will be tough and hence the hands to clean them should be tougher. This is why there is a surge in the need of housekeeping service providers who takes care of your office space and buildings as their own, with perfection and with commitment.

However, the industry struggles with retaining their talented professionals as the attrition in this industry is among one of the highest. With no job security, risky roles and uncertain future, the professionals always hop jobs for small hikes. Hence the industry needs to work not only towards ensuring better customer service, but also better employee policies, where they are cared, respected and rewarded well to secure their future. Indeed some of the companies that we feature in our current edition of ‘10 Most Promising Housekeeping Services Providers – 2019’ oblige to clients and employees parallelly, ensuring happiness for everyone. Read to know more about them.
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