Designing the Bones & Muscles of Man-Made Structures

Often confused with civil engineering, structural engineering can be termed as the spine of civil engineering. It plays an important role strengthening and stability of buildings, bridges, airplanes, vehicles and other structures. Working in tandem with architects and designers to calculate the system of support and other requirements to ensure the structural integrity of the finished product, structural engineers focus more on inspecting materials to be used for the construction.

As structural engineers design the bones & muscles of man-made structures, it is important that you engage only the most inventive and experienced structural engineers. However, despite the major advances in structural engineering over the past few decades, the industry hasn't become any less challenging. In fact, such advancements in structural engineering have made the industry even more complex, especially the technological innovations are adding up to the complexities that require structural engineers to catch up to this pace.

Understanding what could be the underneath challenges when working with sub-standard structural engineering services providers, siliconindia brings to you `10 Most Promising Structural Engineering Companies - 2021'. The issue features some of the most prominent names from the industry who have carved a niche for themselves in the industry with their sheer dedication, work and excellence. Our panel of experts together with our Editorial Board have shortlisted the names post required due diligence. We together have joined hands help you find your perfect structural engineering partner.

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