Dealing with 'Checks'

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorRecently, when I was at my home town to visit my parents, I met my ailing neighbouring aunty who is around 70 years of age. She stays alone, as her sons are settled abroad. Her house is quite big & multi-storied and hence she decided to keep the ground floor to her and put the rest on rent. But her experience wasn’t good enough. When I met her, she had just returned from the police station filing a complaint about her new renter. What went wrong? Turned-out that the new renter was a serial abuser who had earlier even robbed his previous house owner. This is what happens when you ignore doing a thorough background
check of your renter, or may be an employee or even an agency you hire to do your work.

Looking at the statistics of crime, cheating, fraud and other mishaps that result due to not verifying the personnel we let join us in any form, it is paramount that we not just understand the importance of, but also implement background verification on a strict node. However, background verification is not just about checking the criminal cases against someone, but also extends to checking one’s educational background, experience, certifications, credit ratings and much more. What is picking-up pace in this space is the pre/post matrimonial checks. With matrimonial crime rate increasing constantly, it is no surprise that parents want to ensure safety for their children.

Though with the increasing need, the market is witnessing new players coming-in, the challenge is to find such companies that are run by experts holding years of experience and having zero failure rates! Featuring some of such companies is our current edition of siliconindia Magazine’s ‘10 Most Promising Background Verification Companies – 2020’. Some of the featured companies are run by expert ex-army personnel and ex-police officers who have years of experience dealing with crimes and criminals, and have cent percent success rate. Read to know more about them.
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