Collaboration made Easy

When Star Trek debuted 50 years ago, who would have thought the technology employed on the Starship Enterprise would one day be used on construction jobsites. I mean of course, I wasn’t born to experience the awe first hand, but on a second thought communicating like that on a work place would have been the thing. Crew members carried a communicator, which looked much like yesterday’s flip phones. Communication and collaboration, are keys to the successful completion of any construction project. From the collaboration between different teams to overall expenses, the industry need to reinvent itself to maintain its upward streak on the growth trajectory.

Because of expanding worldwide urbanization, the building information modelling market is expected to develop throughout the projected period. As populations and economies increase, there is a greater need for improved infrastructure for personal and commercial needs, which will drive the global construction sector forward.

The worldwide building information modeling market is expanding due to the fact that improved data transmission and coordination among numerous stake holders, along with increased construction productivity, gives BIM users a competitive advantage. Modern BIM platforms are based on cloud technology, allowing for real time exchange of data and easy access to information at any given time. From architects and project managers to on-site workers, all construction professionals have much to benefit from BIM. BIM has essentially revolutionized the field of construction. However, the software continues to be developed, and new functionalities are introduced regularly. BIM represents a new paradigm within AEC, one that encourages integration of the roles of all stakeholders on a project.

In this edition of siliconindia, we realized it’s about time we give the stage to those wonder wielders who have transformed or are on the process to revolutionize the construction industry with their BIM services.