Bliesure Travel, One of the Peculiar Trends in the Business Travel Segment

Corporate travel is still a vital component of a company. Despite technological developments, business travel patterns show that face-to-face interactions are still indispensable. Additionally, business networking, talent development, and recruitment goals can be supported by travel. Some of those trip arrangements, however, have been complicated by the existence of COVID-19, which highlights the significance of risk assessments and potential adjustments to future travel.

One of the most notable effects of the demographic shift in corporate travel is the increase in leisure travel, and this trend is predicted to continue in the midst of COVID-19 vaccines. More workers are seeking activities other than work during their time away from the office as the workforce ages. Once every two to three months, leisure travellers take these excursions. More than half of business travellers from abroad intend to keep their journeys longer to fit in leisure activities.

The rising acceptance of unusual lodgings is another development in business travel that is being affected by the current generation of business travellers. Travelers on business are more likely now to investigate alternatives to the typical chain hotels. More people are choosing to stay in apartments and other types of more comfortable lodging. Today's business travellers are becoming more and more accustomed to staying in smaller boutique hotels and accommodations that resemble homes, such as those provided by Airbnb.

Additionally, technology has expanded beyond train and airport terminals to simplify business travel. There are now automated check-in and check-out procedures available for business travelers. The corporate travel sector is expected to undergo further change as a result of more sophisticated technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality. The industry's leading enablers are gathered in this edition, and we're excited to hear from you about how these participants have change your business travelpolicies.