Are We Ready for This?

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorWe all are excited about the leapfrogging of the telecom sector from 4G to 5G; but are we prepared for the huge amount of e-Waste we will generate during this transition? The case becomes more critical with each smartphone owner owning more than one handset. Adding to this is the growing number of gadgets, connected and wireless devices, and various other computing devices. The coming years will ultimately see a huge spike in the e-Waste generation, the current trends indicate that India will generate around five million tons of e-Waste by next year. But the question again arises are we geared up to tackle so much of electronic waste?

The one positive aspect of this huge surge is the increasing job opportunities; e-Waste will create around 4.5 lakh direct jobs by 2025 and another 1.8 lakh jobs in the allied sectors of transportation and manufacturing, claims International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank group. But then it is real essential for educate the masses regarding segregation and disposal of electronic waste in the correct way, rather than storing it at home for years.

Addressing both these aspects of the e-Waste industry is our current edition of siliconindia Magazine’s ’10 Most Promising e-Waste Management Services Providers 2019’. The issue features some of the most promising and emerging companies in the sector along with well established and prominent names who not only is playing an essential role to this e-Waste fix, but also are working towards educating the masses on how to segregate and effectively dispose off the waste without the fear of their data being misused. Their contribution towards aligning the industry and addressing the glaring challenge is appreciable and applaudable. Read to know how they are effectively evolving as well to serve the industry the best of solutions.
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