A New Era in Workspace Innovation

Industrialization in India is at a developmental stage. The country is witness to the emergence of the startup ecosystem and also setting up of offices by many international organizations. Inspired by this scenario, innovation in workspace has also become prominent in the country. The growth of co-working space providers have increased drastically over the last few years and we are now able to see that the government of the country has also hugely contributed to the growth of this industry. The opening of government incubation centers in order to provide office spaces to numerous tech startups that has given a new way to the country’s business ecosystem.

On the other hand, we have also seen the growth of many private co-working spaces and technology parks that are home to many start-ups and also international corporations that have set up their branches to take part in the developing economy of the nation. Not only have these co-working spaces have changed the business scenario of the country, it has also facilitated the growth of many newly found companies because of the cost effective economy involved. Many unicorn startups have been a part of such co-working and have experienced their road towards glory.

This issue has delved deep into the working of this industry and shortlisted the most prominent of the co-working space providers of the nation that have been able to make a positive impact on the business ecosystem and taken the economy of the nation ahead.
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