The Next Level of Signatory Authentication

A signature generally refers to one's identity, attributing the signee's intention to acceptance of the information contained in a particular document. Well, comprehending the digitalization of processes across industries today, eSignature is one significant way to fasten this signing process by providing online instant access to doing it in less time. Though this concept of eSign was introduced long back in 2000 in India, through the Information Technology Act, but it has evolved pragmatically over the past few, signifying its implications across business remotely.

Also, it is this exclusivity of eSignature that its usage in electronic contracts is on the rise in India, backed by the government's Digital India initiative which focuses on enhancing digital infrastructure and on transforming India into a paperless economy. Moreover, as the trend of online transactions has been gaining traction, eSign Service is an innovative initiative for allowing easy, efficient, and secure function in performing online transactions.

And, as the technological advancements have led to the evolution of executing documentation process, various enterprises are shifting from traditional signatures to electronic signatures, avoiding the risk of legal disputes and maintaining substantial data evidence. This growth is being augmented by the e-Commerce and online banking boom, and companies need to secure their networks to gain customers' confidence. According to Report Linker studies, the Global E-Signature platform market was valued at $2.28 million in 2021 and is expected to reach $10.94 million by 2027, registering a CAGR of 29.08 percent during the forecast period. There are numerous profuse eSign Service Providers contributing to this growth leveraging their unique services with tech legal norms, but to deduce the best one amongst all can be challenging.

Understanding the ample opportunities in this sector, this issue of Siliconindia magazine brings you a list of `10 Most Promising eSign Service Providers ­ 2022' which were selected by comprehensive examination by industry CEOs, VCs, CXOs and Siliconindia editorial board. We truly expect these institutions to meet your needs and we assure you that the list is prepared as we recognize the valuable contributions of the industries in the ever- expanding and competitive market.