Inspirit Vision: Recognized Name In Identity And Access Management

Kunwar Nitesh, CTOProtection against online threats or cybersecurity, to be precise, makes excellent value in today's world of rapid digitalization. It has become imperative for organizations to build a multi-layer cybersecurity program to mitigate threat vectors. Technology is now defining business propositions, which was other way around couple of decades back. However, on the other hand, it has also brought in numerous unknown vulnerabilities. Currently, the market continues to evolve with the changing environment of cyber threats.

The size of the cybersecurity market is expected to grow with a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10 percent from 2020 to 2027. Organizations irrespective of their size are striving to enhance their cybersecurity program. Its no more an option but an immediate necessity. The ongoing pandemic has accelerated the investment manifold. Ever increasing instances of cyber-attacks and mutating threats vectors is proving to be a challenge to protect corporate information.

Identity and Access Management(IAM) solution dominated the market in 2019 and had a budget of 29.6 percent. The increasing acceptance of mobile travel points across organizations is increasing risk exponentially. In addition, the trend of accessing vital organizational data via cloud computing networks and shared network platforms is constantly growing, which is driving the need for robust Identity and Access Management systems.

It can be seen that IAM is currently an active trend of the industry, and whenever the term IAM comes up, the name Inspirit Vision is associated along with it. Inspirit Vision is a boutique company with in-depth domain knowledge in Identity and Access Management, Application security, and Mobile & Cloud space. With a proven methodology, Inspirit Vision has delivered fine-grained custom solutions for over 6 years, helping enterprises to mitigate risk, secure access, optimize resources & improve customer experience without compromising on security or privacy.

The founders of Inspirit Vision, alumunus of IIT, have a combined experience 70+ years in IAM domain and they have witnessed the evolution of IAM technology in the last decade and a half. This rich domain expertise combined with technical expertise enables the leaders to provide turnkey solutions to their customers.

Effectively Handling Cyber Threats
Inspirit Vision believes that the differentiator comes from experience, flexibility, and quick adaptation of emerging technologies & products. This is the aspect where Inspirit Vision beats its competitors. Kunwar Nitesh, CTO of the company, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, says, "Besides our core strength of implementing existing IAM products, we are investing in building products to bridge the gap between current product suits and customer's need.

We are also fully invested in training our technologists to maintain the highest level of certification for all leading and emerging technology stacks. This enables us to deliver rightly customized solutions to our suit our customer's ever increasing complex requirements."

Over the past couple of years, there has been a significant increase in cybercrime incidences, in the Indian cybersecurity market. The numbers are so high that the country currently ranks fifth in terms of total number of DNS highjacks. Moreover, globally, India is responsible for 37% of the total data breaches.
As per recently published Norton Cyber Safety Insights report, 2021, Identity theft is the biggest cybersecurity threat in India with instances of 2.7 crore identity theft in 2020.That is 2 percent of India's population. Inspirit Vision with its deep domain expertise helps organizations to mitigate existing and emerging cybersecurity threat vectors by assessing the current security posture and by introducing the right security products & solutions that can seamlessly blend in with exiting platforms.

The company helps its customers to combat complex cyber threats like AI fuzzing and Machine Learning poisoning. Further-more, the domain experts at Inspirit Vision specializes in providing tailor made customizable solutions. In-spirit Vision provides IAM advisory services, Risk Management Services, Security Management, Safe Cloud Migration and Managed Support Service as part of its current portfolio of offerings.

Inspirit vision highly recommends of having a solid IAM ecosystem in place irrespective of business vertical an organization is operating in

The Identity Management Expert
IAM system basically hands the power of controlling the entire digital system of an organization to the administrators. Starting from being able to change a user's role to creating reports on the basis of a user's activities, everything could be done with the help of IAM. IAM has become even more important since COVID-19 has made physical boundaries irrelevant.

Statistics say that hackers mostly take advantage of orphan accounts and weak passwords to make their move. Inspirit Vision, with the help of IAM, guarantees to solve all of these sorts of issues. Kunwar Nitesh says, "We are working with all major OEM vendors in this space to cover all the aspects of IAM including Authentication, Authorizations, Identity Life Cycle Management, Access Management, SSO, Privileged Account Management, API security, etc."

The best part about the company is that it focuses on building scalable solutions keeping future security needs in sight. Inspirit Vision identifies Self-sovereign Identity, IoT, Cloud Migration, Intelligent Authentications, Zero Trust, use of AI, use of Machine learning, blockchain, DevOps, and Microservices as the factors that are going to impact the future of IAM and, therefore, is working with all major OEM vendors.

Unlike the other companies offering cybersecurity solutions, Inspirit Vision not only focuses on the rise of threats. Kunwar Nitesh states, "Our advisory team helps organizations to assess the current posture and objectively define a roadmap tailored to organization cybersecurity needs." Experts of the company genuinely dive into the clients' cybersecurity challenges to thoroughly analyze the existing problem.

Not only does Inspirit Vision provide end to end consultancy and implementation but also Managed Support Service. This enables the clients of Inspirit Vision to focus on their core business. Inspirit Vision is trying to help organizations automate compliance using best-in-industry products and protect against insider and outsider threats with access recertification, password policy management, SoD enforcement, and RBAC, and identity proofing.

IAM, A Necessity
Inspirit Vision highly recommends of having a solid IAM ecosystem in place irrespective of business vertical an organization is operating in. In today's VUCA world businesses have no choice but to rapidly adopt digitization or else the very survivability will be under threat. Kunwar Nitesh, says "In the past couple of years, he has come across multiple instances where businesses have gone digital without fully understanding the need f to secure their IT systems. These gaping vulnerabilities have made such entities an easy target for cybercriminals leading to irreparable loss of reputation".

Cybersecurity is no more a choice but an absolute necessity.

For The Future
Inspirit Vision is trusted by customers cutting across industry verticals. Kunwar Nitesh, CTO, adds, "We have worked with customers in 15+ countries and have long-standing customers in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UK, and South Africa. We are working with all the major OEM vendors listed in Gartner's magic quadrant. We have already secured & managed over a million identities in the last couple of years. Our customers are benefited through cost reduction, improved security, and enhanced customer experience.

In the last three financial years, we have recorded year-on-year growth of 30 percent. For the year 2021-2022 we will be posting around 35 percent revenue growth, year on year." The statistics are enough to deduce the impact of the company in the global cybersecurity market. Nevertheless, along with sustaining the success, Inspirit Vision ultimately aims at doubling its revenue in 2 years and becoming a 100cr company by 2025.

Inspirit Vision is aggressively expanding its portfolio to be one shop solution for all cyber security needs which include SOC as a Service, IoT Security, Advanced Detection and Response & IDAM as Service.