HSE RM Solutions: Making Sincere Efforts To Safeguard Workplaces

Piyush Tripathi, Managing DirectorPreventing accidents and ill health caused by work should be a key priority for everyone. As the owner or manager of a business, you know that your employees are valuable. Your business depends on them. Everyone who works for you needs to know how to work safely and without risks to their health. Over 200 people are killed each year in accidents at work and over one million people are injured. Over two million suffer illnesses caused by, or made worse by, their work. Employers must provide clear instructions and information, plus adequate training for their employees.

In the Constitution of India, we have detailed provisions for the rights of the citizens that also lay down the Directive Principles of State Policy which set an aim to which the activities of the state are to be guided. On the basis of these Directive Principles as well as international instruments, Government is committed to regulate all economic activities for management of safety and health risks at workplaces and to provide measures so as to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for every working man and woman in the nation. And rightly so, safety and health of workers has a constructive impact on productivity and economic and social development. Prevention is just as integral part of economic activities, as high safety and health standard at work. It consequently gives good business performance for new as well as existing industries.

On that account, experienced safety professional, Piyush Tripathi, Managing Director, HSE RM Solutions gives an observation from a different yet equally important perspective. He observed, "Indian companies work more on managing and complying. They are more focused on being compliant and being safe legally then to be safe actually. There is a dire need for refresher courses to be conducted periodically, refreshing knowledge of safety professionals. It will prevent safety personnel's knowledge from being fossilized, as a safety job profile can be mentally exhausting one".

Stirred by these observations and of course a long standing experience in industrial sectors like Primary packaging, Process Machinery, construction, utility, Modular partition, HVAC, BMS & IBMS, HSE RM Solutions was born. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, HSE RM Solutions is a Health Safety Environment Risk Management (Consulting, training & Service) solution provider. The company works toward the vision to create Safety solution centric organization, providing and converting safety commendations to reality. Ever since its inception, HSE RM Solution is constantly providing unique solutions specific to industry.

Cross Industry Expertise & Knowhow
As part of their approach, HSE RM Solutions provides Gap identifications, Forming PPE (personal protective equipment) & chemical matrix, Understanding risk and hazard, Classification of areas and Process safety practices. HSE-RM Solutions advisors are well experiences for providing Health, Safety and Environmental consulting services to all sectors of business, including, Manufacturing, Service, Retail, Local Government, Health Care, Rail, Events and Construction sectors.

The company provides consulting and training services to Oil & Gas, Power (Thermal, hydro, Wind, & Solar Generation, transmission & Distribution), Chemical, Metal Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, warehousing, business houses (Retail & Service) and construction. Few of the many major consulting projects include developing system for process and material handling, calculating Fire load, area classification, supported by Lightning Arrester/Protection System & fire suppression system design and installation.

For Construction and project industry, HSE RM Solutions developed dedicated resource solution (DRS) service working at procedural level to form Helmet free zone, time management system for PPE and its use, process monitoring, material handling management system, and operation management.

Through DRS, Piyush and team helps organizations to reduce rejection, to reduce maintenance, to manage spent, and evaluate life cycle of product from Raw material storage to final product dispatch. Adding further to their portfolio, HSE RM Solutions also handhold clients through Defining skill, material flow, process flow and final product dispatch.
The company also ensures the DRS 6 Point Flow to Achieve Safety excellence. Top management is noticeably committed, Middle management is energetically involved, Supervision is performance-focused, Labour/Employees are actively participating, System is flexible to accommodate site culture, and Safety system is positively perceived by workforce. Special focus is laid on unique solutions provided by simplifying HSE management system, removing complex functions and substituting it with simple and economical ones.

Standing Tall With Exceptional Training Feats
HSE-RM Solutions was first recognized by corporates of oil and gas sector, chemical and power for developing and delivering training services on Scaffold safety, work at height, chemical safety and material handling, behaviour based safety, electrical safety, workplace safety, and job safety etc. More than 60 customized training programs delivered across nation. One of the beneficiaries of HSE RM Solutions' training programs is a pharma company for which the company supports CSR by delivering trainings for labours, contractors, engineers and Project staff. The company has developed a Customised training program. It's a 2 days session programme which consists of interview, assessment and training, wherein HSE RM team first assesses the facility, interview the concerned and on the second day provides training based on findings. The learning programme is in 3 parts:

HSE-RM solutions was first recognized by corporates of oil and gas sector, chemical and power for developing and delivering training services on scaffold safety, work at height, chemical safety and material handling, behaviour based safety, electrical safety, workplace safety, and job safety

• Induction program 2-4 hr. training session (small site or job specific program)
• Orientation Program 6-8 hr. Training Session (dedicated to 1 element of safety concern)
• Capability Program 2-5 days Training Session (custom designed program developed for skill enhancement)

New Age Enhancements
HSE RM has always been abreast with the immediate and more essential needs of the industry. Rightly so, the firm recently added the Water & Fuel Solution to it portfolio for reducing water treatment cost, corrosion resistance, and anti-scaling thereby addressing the major concerns surrounding equipment decay. Given the COVID-19's precautionary measures, HSE RM has streamlined its programs via Virtual Class rooms and Virtual Assessments, at most economical rates reducing the time of travel, and delivering training at clients convenience. In fact, assessments with Virtual walk through were one of the unique attempts HSE RM experimented with solutions being discussed virtually. More importantly, toward a greater vision, by developing this, HSE RM sees the future of consulting and training solution increasing the reach of organization boosted by a network of experts available at click of a button.

Registering Success Stories And On-Boarding Grateful Clients
Every client HSE RM Solutions has served has valued its services. The team has cleared its reports with practically implemented solutions which is most admired, more often services like process hazard analysis, or HazOp of pipeline, HazOp of gas station. Services like Fire load calculation of power generation plant, renewable energy plant or transmission distribution station have been admired and appreciated greatly. Such episodes of more than satisfied clients have turned into repeat order. HSE RM Solutions has a lot many feathers on its cap with long term clients.

Milestones And Future Roadmap
Piyush has been very optimistic and open minded about his deliverables and achievements. Upon asked, he shares, "Our rewards came with not functions but the total number of assessments and services we delivered each year. Today, we deliver 140+ Assessment sites & 40-60 Training services per year".

HSE RM Solutions has designed and is in process of installing biggest single roof warehouse fire suppression system.

Piyush expresses his objective to work more on DRS Service- an engagement that helps organization with a hand holding approach to develop HSE Management system thereby creating value for Safety.

Trainings development is also part of Piyush & team's future endeavours. The company is focussing on bringing forth more and more capability building programs and induction programs with DRS for specific skill set.

To Summarize HSE RM's Safety Consulting Services:
• Evaluation and pre-assessment of Gaps in HSE
• Evaluation of existing health and safety policies and procedures
• Review, Develop or modify new or existing programs to establish a cost-effective health and safety management system, unique to your business
• Advising on Health and Safety matters and acting as a Company's `appointed person' conducting Health and Safety audits and inspections of your workplace
• Safety perception survey
• Accident investigation
• Liaison with enforcing authorities
• Training
• Workplace Audits and Inspections
• Risk Assessments
• Water & Fuel Solutions
• Fire Solutions
• Electrical Service & Supply Solutions
• Fall Protection Services & Supply

An Exclusive "DRS" Program
• Help Realise Goal for Safety.
• Risk & Hazard Classification
• Safety Management Systems & Control Understanding
• Internal Policy Making & Setting Standards
• Corrective Resource Identification Tool
• Minimizing Recurring Cost: Developing Proactive & Predictive Controls
• Customized Training Solution
• Job Ready Work Force Making Stake Holders (Freshers/Experience) Job Skill Ready
• Process Safety Management