Futurz: Revamping Staffing Paradigm By Executing Targeted Recruitment Solution in Multiacted Businesses

Farhan Azmi, Chairman, FuturzRecruiters in India encounter an exceptional paradox, where the companies have a plethora of talents to choose from, but scarcely any of them qualify for short-listing. Therefore, the concept of staffing via HR outsourcing companies has immensely grown, with MNCs opting for third party staffing solutions to make the best possible hires for their organizations. As per a report by the Indian Staffing Federation, the flexi staffing market for IT in India is worth $3.04 billion in FY17 and is expected to grow 14-16 percent per annum till FY21. However, the conventional outsourced recruiting scenario in India is as such where you would see hotshot staffing firms catering primarily to dedicated IT & ITES services, thereby making other businesses out of reach. The absence of versatility along staffing solutions called for a major breakthrough to elevate the staffing paradigm in India.

Aligning with the changing prospective of the ongoing business trends and ideas entwined with technology, Farhan Azmi (Chairman, Futurz) has pioneered a unique staff augmentation model for multifaceted businesses in India through his brainchild, Futurz Staffing Solutions. Whether it is FMCG, Retail, Telecom, IT Hardware, Media, Engineering, Food & Beverages, Insurance, Hospitality or any other sector, Futurz delivers pertinent recruitment solutions. But what propels the company ahead of competition is the ‘human touch’ it incorporates in its services without compromising on the processes or the technology dimensions. Futurz has become a favourite choice for Fortune 500 organizations countrywide by proficiently addressing the burning issue of on-time recruitment with its 250+ employee base and 15000+ talent pool.

While most firms only undertake the responsibility for recruiting the candidates but fail to delegate the real-time requirements, Futurz offers end-to-end on-time solutions right from screening the candidate to shortlisting till the end of the contract period, thereby employing its human approach to alleviate the burden of both clients & candidate with a hassle free process.

Delivering Targeted Solutions
Being one of the handful of organizations dealing with human capital engagement solutions, Futurz stimulates employee alignment and creates a performance culture by aiding better planning, better decisions and significant cost savings. Not only it improves administrative responsiveness, but also enables greater employee satisfaction, thereby fuelling productivity. Furthermore, Futurz delivers technological benefits by automating critical HR workflow and extending cost effective ERP investments ensuring low total cost of ownership (TCO). With its vast experience and prowess to create, develop and modify the right human capital engagement plans for all kinds of organizations, team Futurz profoundly engages the employees in order to reap the benefits of human capital engagement.

Fixated on industry specific staffing, Futurz offers targeted solution to costumers as per the industry demands and procures ample manpower equipped with essential skill set. Unlike other firms with unidirectional functionalities, Futurz caters to challenging distinctive sectors that other large players fear to touch. For instance, the firm has carved a niche in the blue collar staffing where horns are always locked with unions and political interference.

The Staffing Paradigm
With technology changing at light speed, it has become a costly affair for companies to retain, train and then sustain employees on a permanent basis. This has given rise to flexi staffing – the driving force of today’s HR sector. Predicting this phenomenon quite early, Futurz pivoted to Flexi Staffing/Contractual Manpower Outsourcing in 2008 and today, it is the highest revenue generating segment of
the company. Having more than 15000+ people with diverse niche skill set (from AngularJS Developer to data scientists and SAP professionals) working on its payroll, Futurz provides its clients across India with relevant & rare professionals, thus enabling the clients with a great deal of flexibility to acquire & shed staff as per business requirements, which is industry’s biggest cost element. “Most of our hiring takes place during festive seasons and those staff would be retrenched around mid-January. Hence, instead of paying at least Rs.2.2 LPA for a staff, they can pay Rs.1.7 LPA for an outsourced staff with same quality,” explains Farhan.

Covering high profile requisites for its clients through its Executive Search service under Permanent Staffing wing, Futurz shoulders the entire responsibility, including negotiation

Covering high profile requisites for its clients through its Executive Search service under Permanent Staffing wing, Futurz shoulders the entire responsibility, including negotiation. The task is undertaken with utmost confidentiality by a small but highly skilled team that rigorously pursues a predefined standard process. Besides that, Futurz also provides long term employees of all levels to its clients at nominal one time charges, where the candidates are engaged for 60-90 days to relieve client’s headache.

Having covered most the dimensions in employment (recruiting, deploying and engaging candidates, besides keeping its own pool on payroll), Futurz has recently completed this circle by incorporating training to its portfolio. Apart from training them on industry-specific skills (soft skills, sales techniques and others), the company imparts knowledge regarding interview techniques to help them crack the interview.

Futurz has even branched out to render 3PL logistic solutions for e-Commerce companies, where it provides unmatched last mile delivery, middle mile delivery and ware house management services. Apart from providing compliance services to the existing clients under temporary staffing umbrella, Futurz has recently extended the services (Au diting, Statutory Compliance, Consulting and Liaison) to the SMEs across India to help them comply with the law of the land. Its dedicated compliance team comprising of seasoned members with 15+ years of experience guide customers on complying with the minimum wages, shop establishments, CSIC and other statutory compliance. Futurz has a dedicated team which is connected with different embassies and ambassadors in order to participate in different forums in their countries and set a professional bonding with the companies even before they set up their businesses in India, there by boosting the investments in blue collar staffing.

Innovation in the Way
Aside from the prodigious recruitment support, it has a dedicated team that supervises the background verification (Police Verification & Documents Verification) of each and every candidate before on-boarding. Abiding by a strict in-house IT policy, it takes a lot of precaution to maintain the confidentiality of the candidate and the client.

Taking pride in being a process driven corporation, the firm has invested extensively on technology, wherein all the core functionalities starting from sales to the exit of the employee goes through a process cycle and software. For instance, it has developed a dedicated app for the real-time tracking of its associates. In an attempt to bridge the humongous gap of data scientist in the country and inclining towards new trends, the company has added Machine Learning, Big Data & AI to its training arm.

Business Mirror
Over the 12 years of its journey, the firm has witnessed all the phases of the volatile Indian market. With his prior business presence and connections across a myriad of industries, Farhan incepted Futurz Human Resources Solutions in 2005. Opening its innings from scratch with the flourishing permanent recruitment space predominantly for IT/ITeS segment, the firm alongside the nation was struck by the 2007-08 global recession. But striking the chord with its management’s expertise, Futurz bounced back on the shore sailing through its subsequent version - Futurz Staffing Solutions in 2008 that provided blue collar staffing services. Since then, Futurz has set landmark, emerging as a leader of human resource solutions with a nationwide presence and an expanding global reach to UK, Dubai and Philippines.

As a result, besides Staffing Industry Analyst ranking Futurz in the Top 10 Staffing Solutions with respect to revenue, Ernst & Young appraises it as one of the top five key players in staffing solutions in India - an impressive feat it has achieved in a short span of eight years vis-a-vis its decades-old competitors. Boasting of a colossal turnover of Rs.100+ crore, Futurz has been delivering a whopping growth rate of 300 percent YoY and envisions to be listed on the stock exchanges by 2025, while pacing with the competition in the long haul.

Shravan Singh, Director
With over 12 years of experience in all aspects of constructions & realty business, Shravan’s core competence includes administration, fund management and financial planning.

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