FinX: Redefining I-Banking With A Holistic Approach To Financial Management Consulting

Abhishek Singh Rathore, Global HeadThe demand for Cloud-based financial analytics has been growing steeply over the recent past which is attributed to the increasing initiatives on digital transformation. The use of advanced analytics in designing omnichannel customer experience models to have transparency on customer values along with organizational expenses and resource utilization. The financial analytical market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.7 percent by FY23, driven by the emergence of AI and advanced machine learning techniques.

However, ease of accessibility and speed of delivery are some of the major issues faced by the clients. They complain about the accessibility of data not being uniform throughout their network, which at times causes supply disruption resulting in end-consumer dissatisfaction. Clients raise issues on the availability of experts and timely online support, which is essential as they need hand-held guidance and proper training for the use of analytical platforms. Few platforms have a complex architecture that needs comprehensive skills for tackling, which raises the end cost and time consumption against client expectations.

Keeping the above limitations in mind, FinX has rapidly emerged as an integrated advisory firm, distinguished for its premium financial services across all major continents. Abhishek Singh Rathore, the Global Head of FinX, says, "Our core competency lies in diligent research, meticulous analysis of debt, equity and convertible markets which is gradually empowering us to be a leading advisory partner in the Investment Banking sector. We are here for over four decades that has enabled us to develop a competitive
edge and long-standing relationships with banks, financial institutions and private equity investors. By refining the business strategies of corporate customers with our proficient analytical abilities, we were successful in striking the best deals in the shortest time possible".

Quality Rendered
Seven major verticals of FinX make it a one-stop-shop for any need for financial, technical, and management consultation. The service categories are Debt Syndication, Private Equity Funds, Management Consultancy, Consultation in Technical Domain, Insurance Advisory Services, Back Office Support for Accounting & Taxation, Insolvency Resolution Services. FinX is known for its timely and customized solutions for clients considering industry-specific issues, nature of their assets, optimal capital structure, and periodic cash flow. It creates structures that ensure continued business growth for its clients.

FinX has been considered a reliable mobilizer for debt syndication covering both fund-based and non-fund-based aspects. It provides the best deals for Term Loans, Working Capital Loans, Factoring Services, Bank Guarantees and Letters of Credit within a legitimate timeframe. FinX uses its credibility and experience in aiding clients with Corporate & Unsecured Loans, Securitization of services, Debt Restructuring, Project Financing, and External Commercial Borrowings.

Our core competency lies in diligent research, meticulous analysis of debt, equity and convertible markets which is gradually empowering us to be a leading advisory partner in the investment banking sector

It offers Private Equity, Private Placement, FCCB/GDR, IPO Planning, Business Valuations, Venture Capital, and Angel funding to raise institutional investors' capital. FinX has remarkable expertise in executing domestic and international projects on sugar manufacturing and co-generation as well.

Addressing The Social Impact
Recognizing some analytical shortcomings in today's complex business world, FinX has stepped up its quest to better understand impact measurement for corporates. Since many investors are eager to generate both financial and social returns, FinX has recently introduced the service of conducting Social Audits for its clients, seeking both a positive financial return and a social reward that helps them in calculating the social return on every dollar spent. FinX realises the importance of CSR which is becoming increasingly important in the present market environment and hence, puts an emphasis on Social Return on Investment (SROI) for corporates enabling them to observe their social impact in financial terms.