Eventsource: A Forward Thinking Agency Offering Services with an Intellectual Approach

By Anamika Sahu
Eventsource: A Forward Thinking Agency Offering Services with an Intellectual Approach

When the competition becomes tough, retaining ethics becomes tougher, and the output is probably something no one desires. In the ever growing event industry, especially during this cut-throat competition, wearing ethics and emerging as Mr. Dependable is Eventsource, an agency that transformed itself from being South India's first professional execution agency to event consultants. "We realized that the market dynamics were changing and for the future, we needed to move beyond just operational mode. The future demanded a more intellectual approach to experiential marketing and events which were not being addressed to; hence we have now re-positioned ourselves as strategic consultants and have restructured the organization accordingly," says Shautick S Das, Director, Eventsource. Believing in focused walking rather than confused running, Eventsource classifies its services into three distinct units: Brand Activation & Event, Intellectual Properties, and Television Media.

The Creative Upbringing

"We got into this business as we were passionate about creating effective experiences," says Nitesh Agrawal, Director, Eventsource. However, initially, when Nitesh, Rajendra Joshi (Director) & Shautick studied the market, they realized that there was a need in the market for a professional agency whose expertise and intelligence was purely in execution. Given this need, the trio initially positioned RN Eventsource as a professional execution agency in 2006. "With time, I feel the event industry needs to emerge as consultants rather than pure execution houses. Currently there is this gap as most of us behave in a very operational manner. Hence, an advertising firm is referred to as an agency whereas an event management firm is referred to as a vendor," says Rajendra.

Hence Eventsource formalized in 2008 to change this vendor tag associated with the event industry to that of an agency by moving away from just being operational in nature to being consultants who understand the business beyond operations. Its brand proposition of dependable makes it work harder every moment to deliver at all aspects of the business. In today's context where RoI (both Return on Investment and Return on Ideas) are expected hand-in-hand, it is important to understand the business angle and the communication pattern of the event from the clients' perspective. Hence every service offered by Eventsource is bespoke and conceptualized only post comprehending client's business and intention of the event. "If we can provide intelligent business solutions through experiential platform, of which events are a part, it would see more effective work and create long-term meaningful rational and emotional relationships with the clients," explains Rajendra.

Creativity being the core of communication, Eventsource has deep-rooted itself in this soil, hence sourced Eventsourcians from various backgrounds, not necessarily from events, to bring fresh approach. Using a planning-based approach to deliver effective and creative events, these Eventsourcians post comprehending clients' requirement (both business & brand) moves to the creative stage to produce events that brings the desired strategic end result. Understanding that technology is an integral part of events today, Eventsource has innovation at its forefront with a dedicated set of people who are tech hungry and keep themselves constantly up-to-date with the happenings across the world in this aspect.

Tackling Challenges with Ethics

"Challenges are a part and parcel of any events. An endless list of things to do, and therefore sometimes it's quite obvious to miss out on things," opines Rajendra. Taking this into consideration, Eventsource has created its own proprietary tool which takes into account every related matter at various stages and ensures to keep a track of even the smallest requirement which needs to be delivered. "Of course, our team is the best and at the end of the day, they are the ones making our brand proposition of 'Dependable' happen every moment," adds Nitesh. The company's internal processes have been developed as a result of its experiences in the past and therefore it has been able to minimize most of the crunches.

Born out of passion for communication, the company believes that aptitude can be gained, attitude cannot. Therefore, it recruits for attitude first and aptitude second. This hierarchy neutral organization provisions a trainee to become a CEO of the company if he/she is capable enough. "We inform this to every new recruit and at all levels," asserts Shautick. The core proposition of the organization is ethics and this reflects across all its policies, internal and external.

Brighter Future

Witnessing steady revenue growth since past few years, Eventsource does not surprise its clients with hidden charges. The client has to pay an initial consultation fee and a certain percentage after successful execution of the event. Additionally, as a result of its repositioning as a consultant, it has bagged more long term clients which have resulted in sustainable growth of its revenue.

The company's vision has always guided its planning initiatives and growth pattern so far. In this phase of its growth plan, it is focusing on organic growth both in terms of revenue and value of work. Currently headquartered in Bengaluru with an office in Kochi, RN Eventsource plans to expand to Delhi and Mumbai. Fortunately, at this stage of its growth, it is sufficiently funded and denies any external funding, but looks towards adding a few people to its advisory board.

Key Management:

Rajendra Joshi, Director
The spirit behind the organization, Rajendra is fondly referred to as Raj in the industry. He is an expert in on-ground operations.

Nitesh Agarwal, Director
A visionary and an expert in financial planning, Nitesh has a varied experience across several industries and is an expert in logistics.

Shautick S Das, Director
The energy, Shautick is the strategic backbone of the organization who plans and drives holistic growth of the organisation

Office: Bengaluru, Kochi

Services: Corporate Events, Experiential Events, Television Content, Intellectual Property, Weddings & CSR

Clients: MBRDI (Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India), Toyota, PC Chandra Jewellers, CGI, IDEA, Bosch, Honda, ITW, and many more.