Cattleya Technosys: Introducing a Novel Epoch of IoT-based Managed Services

Badrinath Rao, Co-Founder & CEO, Cattleya Technosys:As the world is getting more and more connected, Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to drive the next industrial revolution, probing businesses into the realm of predictive maintenance and highly efficient managed services. IoT is tremendously expected to pilot the economic growth for businesses by 2025 with an impact of between $3.9 and $11.1 trillion annually, while illustrious IT experts (including Isaac Brown of Lux Research) claim that the future of industrial IoT (or IIoT) lies in predictive analytics. With the annual infrastructure management costs ranging from 12 to 32 percent of equipment’s value, enterprises however need a whole new way to optimize their maintenance budgets. In other words, it’s time to enhance your transformers with smart sensors and preserve the infrastructure with enormous scopes of predictive data.

The aforementioned desideratum has been a catalyst in (ISO 9001:2008 certified) Cattleya Technosys’ transformation from an IoT product company to a holistic organization that deals with ‘internet of everything’. Banking on high-end IoT products to connect to almost all the parts of a business including humans, machines, process & data, gripping on its core teams’ 100+ years of cumulative experience & expertise (in Telemetry, Telematics, M2M and IoT solutions for varied industry adaptations), and backed by closed loop operations, Cattleya manages concerns, complexities & business needs, while allowing its clients to work with a single vendor having the ability to scale in a short time. While most of the IoT based service providers loiter on offering raw data, Cattleya not only provides preventive & proactive data, but also imbues it with insights towards the predictive, leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques based on past-historic data and current info. Not to mention the extreme levels of personalization, and value-added services that are scalable, profitable and are aimed to open up the unprecedented means of interactivity.

What else IoT Can Do?
Infrastructure is always prone to inefficiencies, frauds, malpractices and continuously emerging threats. Whereas, its proliferation across geographically dispersed locations signifies increasing complexity of essential functions with people, assets & processes, which today takes its maximum effect at Bank vaults, ATMs, Warehouses, Retail chains, Telecom towers and Commercial real estate businesses, steering organizations into risky transactions, customer relationships issues, and need for strong physical security of both infrastructure & customers. “We manage these critical parts of our customers’ business by combining IoT to acquire data, Technology Enabled Managed Services to assemble it, Central Observatory to analyze it, and Quick Response & On-ground Services Team to act real-time. This allows them to completely focus on their core competencies,” asserts Badrinath Rao, Co-Founder & CEO, Cattleya Technosys.

Back-lifted by its efficacy in Data Representation & Automating Event Response, Cattleya’s solutions enable remote connectivity to a central location, exception-based monitoring, interconnection of multiple elements at locations, exercise control & management over assets & processes in geographically distributed sites to minimize risks, monitor energy usage, and increase asset/process efficiency & productivity through a central observatory. However, the backbone for all its industry specific solutions has been NISAEYE - a combination of hardware, firmware and analytics software. Comprising of on-site deployed electronics & centralized software stack (cloud & mobile enabled), the solution embeds Linux with capabilities for data assimilation based on configurable AI & ML.

Cattleya heavily leverages on bi-directional video & audio interfaces
and mobility, alongside banking on open sourced & scalable database such as MySQL, and employing new-age, low footprint & rapid-development environment such as NodeJS, NGINX/APACHE, JQuery, and AngularJS. The company has also internalized the core hardware design for data aggregation through proven chipset technologies (like Mediatek, Huawei, Fibocom & TI), while the connection to datacenter is secured with VPN. Best known for adopting global standards including RoHS, Cattleya further consolidates the security and quality standards with its CE mark, apart from the mandatory registrations and compliance with the various authorities in specific geographies. “Adoption of automation technologies such as ours assists in reduction of repetitive manned operations which are an expensive recurring cost apart from providing avenues to up skilling these resources for more relevant tasks,” Badrinath adds

We manage these critical parts of our customers’ business by combining IoT to acquire data, Technology Enabled Managed Services to assemble it, Central Observatory to analyze it, and Quick Response & On-ground Services Team to act real-time

Customers have experienced upfront drops of 30 to 50 percent in fixed costs via this tech enabled managed services model, successfully combating with unfavorable conditions. For instance, a leading bank and one of the largest in terms of operating size entailed reaching-out to a huge unbanked population, where the infrastructure is always prone to breaches. Cattleya provided clients with an IoT based centralized monitoring station (CMS) for remote e-Surveillance, control and command over assets, which opened up a new horizon for the client not only in terms of 100 percent security of assets, but also in terms of proactive monitoring, control and optimization of assets, and in turn cost savings of 10 to 30 percent via reduction of standing guards. No wonder NISAEYE along with its services currently manages 50000+ asset sites, 175000+ connected assets under IoT for Banking, Government, Telecom, Retail offices, Corporate real estate businesses and many more.

En Route to the Future with a Big Bet
Came into existence in 2012 as a part of a 42-year-old business group - NISA Group (specializes in Loss Prevention, Risk Mitigation and Operations & Maintenance), Cattleya over the years has manifested an amazing growth pace. “We have grown from revenue in lakhs when we launched our solutions in 2013 to present where we currently manage long term contracts with a cumulative value of over Rs.250+ crore spread over three and seven years to deploy, monitor, manage and support the implementations,” adjoins Badrinath. Alongside its steady growth, thriving a talent pool that today comprises 200+ people who have innovation in their DNA, has played an instrumental role in the process. In fact, its future blueprints predominantly bank on its people, and this accounts for its association with bodies such as IEEE (Cattleya became an IEEE N3XT Star at Collision 2017), which helps it apart from multi geography client interfaces, continued training, cross-skilling, mentoring, interactions at seminars with industry experts, trade shows, research reports and internal knowledge repository apps. Needless to say, Cattleyians keep abreast of the trends and innovations. Period.

While promising a remarkable future, Cattleya, currently being a pure B2B player, looks forward to explore B2B2C & B2C arenas in India and expand its offerings to customers in the international markets. Indeed, the company has signed with geography-specific partners across certain near-shore geographies and started introducing its solution to the North American markets. Cattleya lucidly envisions reaching out to every doorstep of the country to safeguard them with its IoT platform, and even beyond the boundaries.

Key Management:
Karanraj, Founder & Group MD
Karanraj currently drives the services business of group and has been an integral part of all the strategic decisions across the past 17 years. Under his mentorship, Cattleya was founded to be a technology partner for NISA in its stint of large complex security products and co-supported the company to become an independent IoT oriented security solutions business.

Badrinath Rao, Co-Founder & CEO
Badrinath is the in-charge of leading Cattleya’s business and strategies. In his previous stint, he co-founded Invendis Technologies India in 2007 and led its Sales & Marketing activities. He has 20+ years of experience in Management functions, Business Development, Sales, Alliances and Product marketing across diverse vertical markets globally.

Anoop Narayanan, Co-Founder & CTO
Anoop currently leads Technology and R&D initiatives at Cattleya. In his previous stint, he co-founded Invendis Technologies India in 2007 and piloted the technology team. He has 20+ years of specialization in design, development, productization and project management in the areas of Application Software & firmware for electronic equipment.

Offices: Mumbai (Headquarter) & Bangalore

• 24/7 Remote Monitoring
• Electronic Surveillance
• Video and Audio Interface
• Energy Management
• Asset Efficiency
• Asset Accessibility & Control
• Analytics
• Mobile Apps for QRT
• On demand services
• Predictive and preventive maintenance
•Quick Response Teams (QRT)