Scintillate RCM Healthcare: Reforming The Flow Of Healthcare With Artificial Intelligence

The market for Revenue Cycle Management is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 10.6 percent by 2026 to reach $67.8 billion. The rise in regulatory requirements and government initiatives to encourage the use of RCM solutions, rising patient volumes and health insurance growth, revenue loss from billing errors, and the growing demand for significant process improvements in healthcare are all factors contributing to the market's growth. A cost effective revenue cycle management medical billing company with offices in Texas, the United States, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and Chennai, India, Scintillate RCM Healthcare employs operational experience to have a measurable impact on healthcare providers. "In the US and the UAE, we collaborate with hospitals and health systems and are committed to implementing and improving end-to-end healthcare revenue cycle management and capital finance” speaks Hari Shankar, Founder, Scintillate RCM Healthcare.

Scintillate enables consumers to maintain operating margins and patient happiness, empowering them to concentrate on providing care by enhancing operational efficiencies lowering costs, and generating revenue. The company has created a scalable business model that enables it to offer outputs of 'best in class' quality while operating entirely in compliance with HIPAA.

We Endeavor To Prove That Our Clients Will Not Find Better Service Or Higher Integrity And Ethical Practices Any where

Scaling New Heights
"Scintillate stands out from other businesses in the healthcare sector because we have artificial intelligence related technologies in place that enable us to create tools and applications that will streamline the process, help the process go to an autopilot mode, and lower the number of man hours being invested in the project. As a result, the cost to the client will be lower, and because the percentage or ratio of errors will be much lower in comparison, the client will favor software and tools over human resources," speaks Hari Shankar. The leadership and operations management team of Scintillate have a combined total of more than 50 years of RCM experience, which facilitates the transfer of knowledge between individuals with a vision supported by artificial intelligence. The company only hires professionals with experience and subject expertise, which aids the firm to maintain high quality and provide flawless service.

Scintillate has technology in place that enables it to automatically leave voicemails or make calls to patients to explain what is expected of them in terms of copays or to inform them of the status of the insurance claim that was made on their behalf. When a patient hasn't given a mobile number or email address, the company sends the patient's statements via paper mail. "I agree with the Gartner report that the healthcare sector must boost standards to satisfy patient engagement, but frequently, individuals are reluctant to give us their mobile numbers, which is vital for us to keep them connected. We need to work on that so more people can trust us" speaks Hari Shankar. Scintillate firmly believes that maintaining regular contact with patients will boost their involvement and ensure that they have a good relationship with their insurance companies or other providers of insurance.

Scintillate's business philosophy is to let clients focus on what they do best taking care of their providers while the company takes care of what it does best increasing clients' revenue using skilled workers, technical know-how, and extensive experience. "We strive to increase the ROI (Return of Investment) for all our clients", speaks Hari Shankar. As a firm believer that there is a technological solution for every issue, Scintillate's vision is to be the innovator and trendsetter in the RCM market by introducing solutions driven by AI to boost efficiency and reduce the need for human labor. The company anticipates an RCM market where software and tools conduct the necessary work while human intelligence is used to monitor and direct.

Scintillate offers services including Demo and Patient Registration, Insurance Verification, Medical Coding, Charge Entry, Claims Submission/Billing, Payment Posting, Denial Management, Credentialing & Provider Enrollment, and Account Receivable. The company takes care of all facets of RCM while providing professional services with the utmost care and accuracy. The cornerstone for the development of Excellence in Action, which is achieved by incorporating compliance into all procedures and projects undertaken by the company, is Scintillate's Standards of Conduct, which serve as a guide for all workers' compliance procedures. Billing companies are committed to providing services of the highest caliber, operating at a level that satisfies or exceeds government standards, and complying with all relevant local, state and federal regulations.

"The patients are our client's greatest concern and the privacy of their information is ours. As a partner with Scintillate RCM Healthcare, our clients are certain that all the information will be treated with respect, confidentiality, and accuracy. We endeavor to prove that our clients will not find better service or higher integrity and ethical practices anywhere", speaks Hari Shankar.

Currently, Texas, Florida, Ohio, and Nebraska make up Scintillate's portfolio of US states, and it aspires to broaden its reach to include more US states. The company has already increased the size of its US sales force to better serve more consumers from different states. It's essentially a marketing ploy in which the company uses its sales team and digital marketing tools to spread the word to draw in more customers from various niches. "A market expansion into the UAE has also been on our radar. Therefore, that is also in pipeline hopefully, we will begin working on it in the next months. In addition, we want to serve clients in at least ten different states. This sums up our short term objective as well as our ultimate vision for the year 2023” signs off Hari Shankar.