Microcool Systems Pvt Ltd: Addressing Challenging Problems with a Dynamic Team of Technically Skilled Engineers

Increased demand and acceptability for sterilized pharmaceuticals, as well as advancements in medical equipment, are expected to help the Cleanroom Market. As there is a rising requirement to maintain a contamination free environment, there has been a favourable surge in demand for various services, including cleanroom services. In addition, growing R & D efforts to develop COVID-19 vaccines have pushed pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies to invest extensively in the cleanroom industry to ensure a contamination free environment. As a result, the COVID-19 outbreak has made cleanroom a more of necessity.

Microcool Systems Pvt Ltd established in 1995, is specialized in HVAC and Cleanroom solutions. In addition to these services, the company has introduced MEP services such as Fire Fighting system, Utility & Process Piping, Electrical, and Automation solutions during the last few years. The firm is a renowned HVAC & Cleanroom system provider and innovative system integrator in majority of Food, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, and Engineering sectors.

Microcool is an expert in providing Design & Build Solution for total Cleanroom Infrastructure including Cleanroom PEB structure, Cleanroom modular partition, Ceiling, Doors, View panels, ESD/Epoxy flooring, Pass box, Laminar flow and various equipments and accessories.

As the number of companies in the cleanroom solution providing business are growing, the factor of providing high quality services distinguishes Microcool from its competitors. The organization understands each of its clients' needs and strives to provide quality and timely project completion. Microcool Systems comprises many departments, and each department has separate functions and performs its tasks to the best of its abilities. Additionally, owing to excellent organizational structure, there are no chances of any lags or failures in project completion. Adding more about the unique factors of Microcool, Director Rajendra Jadhav says, "We have dedicated quality and technical team that checks project invocation efficiency at every stage. Each milestone of the project is closely monitored and the entire system is executed very neatly and precisely. We have 26 years of experience working with numerous MNCs, and they regularly prefer us for their forthcoming projects because of Microcool's quality deliverance, working culture and reliability".

Pragmatic Approach
The Microcool team prefers face-to-face meetings with clients to understand their requirements, as well as the client's expectations, on which the company develops an appropriate solution. Furthermore, ensuring that the best solutions are offered to the clients while staying within the budget, Microcool works to educate its clients about the overall concept of cleanrooms, as well as specific equipment and standards.

The workforce includes a promising team of seasoned engineers and technically qualified personnel with diversified experience throughout many engineering fields. The organization is well known for executing highly technical projects with assured problem solving capability and long term commitment via continuing after sales service. Microcool adds knowledge to the table with a broad range of engineering solutions a mature degree of creativity and a distinct design methodology for solving challenging engineering problems across many industries.

Serum Institute of India, Nestle, ISRO, Alfa Laval, General Motors are some of the major prestigious clients of Microcool aside from its remarkable clientele from food, pharmaceutical, engineering and automotive industries. "Following the lockdown, the market was very slow and many firms were reluctant to invest in cleanroom projects or new plants. Despite facing many challenges, we were able to get back on track, and now we have over 90% of target turnover orders in hand. In addition, we are anticipating more projects in the coming days. In terms of future goals, we are expanding into a complete MEP solution firm patently having its core in HVAC and Cleanroom services. Currently, we are functioning on pan India, with plans to expand to a worldwide platform in the next coming years", concludes Rajendra Jadhav.