La Joie De Vivre: Beyond Image Management - Translating Ambitions Into Reality

Rimple Sharma, Founder & Proprietor From a sheer performance-driven world in the past, we have plunged into a global network where our communication and networking skills matter the most. But most people today tend to lack the very confidence and communication skills that could fetch them the success they deserve despite being highly talented and skilled. While some of them are stuck with the question `How do I get ahead?' with lot of insecurities and complexes, others get settled with whatever they have and blindly believe that they can never get further.

Handholding these diverse brackets of people is Rimple Sharma, Founder & Proprietor of La Joie De Vivre (LJDV ­ The Joy of Living), who takes diligent care of her clients in building their image of what they aspire to be and aligning it with what people perceive it to be. For Rimple, it is not just about offering image management services to her clients, but leading a journey together with them even after the formal consultation is completed. Her team at LJDV ensures to monitor the progress of clients and follow-up with them until their ambitions are translated into reality.

Creating Your Best Version!
Let's delve deeper into LJDV's process! Its first
few meetings with the client are entirely about gaining clarity on their goals, perspective, aspiration and potential, and then assessing the gaps in achieving those goals through image management. Rimple adds, "Our USP is to bestow our clients with clarity of thought and the initial empowerment to choose the right direction in life." Behind this process, the company adheres to the concept of PIE ­ Performance, Image and Exposure, which holds 10, 30 and 60 percent contribution to success respectively.

It is here that Rimple ensures to enhance the image and exposure of clients, and thus helps them project the best of their technical knowledge to the outer world, akin to that of a cricket coach. In fact, right from the point of physical appearance to mental wellbeing, confidence and communication skills, she leaves no stone unturned to create the best version of her clients, which eventually becomes a second nature to them. So far, she has trained several HNWIs from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, high ranking officers from diverse companies, Government officials, and large MNC employees (seniors to trainees). To further infuse transparency in services, she and her team are currently working on an online system for clients to track their progress on various parameters.

Our USP is to bestow our clients with clarity of thought and the initial empowerment to choose the right direction in life

This kind of success is indeed due to Rimple's personal care and attention towards each client, along with her team of qualified image consultants and PR professionals to support her endeavours. Rimple is a certified image consultant from London Image Institute and certified executive coach from US, who has rich experience in training and managing airline staff and air hostesses. She has also conducted bridal grooming programs (including personalized shopping), besides regular workshops for the public and her clients.

In the last two years, LJDV has successfully engraved its brand's reputation in the market and aspires to cater to more MNCs and HNWIs globally in the next two years. Rimple concludes, "I'm also planning to establish my own Image Institute accredited to a reputed international school very soon."