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Over the course of the projection period, the IT Staffing Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 3.66 percent (2021-2026). Many businesses are looking for service agreement IT personnel rather than full-time professionals since the global economy has entered a phase of increased economic instability, trade disputes, and certain other macroeconomic factors. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has had mixed effects on the IT employment market. It has sparked a trend of permanent remote workers, changed the need for different skill sets, and brought about a number of alterations to the economy.

"Integrass is an end-to-end Software and IT Professional Services company with endto-end software design, development & testing services & IT staffing"
The industry’s expansion can be ascribed to the growing outsourcing of HR tasks and the development of new technologies like AI and IoT, which are predicted to increase demand for IT specialists across all end user industries. Integrass is an end-to-end Software and IT Professional Services company with end-to-end software design, development & testing services, and IT staffing, founded in 2011 with a strong foothold in the Indian and US markets.

We are a Technology First Company Built & Managed By IT Professionals. This Allows Us to Understand Our Clients’ Needs and Effectively Help Them Achieve Their Goals

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With a commitment to achieving satisfied customers, performance and quality of services, and most notably a family-like employment environment that constantly provides employee satisfaction and well being, Integrass has grown from 35 employees to more than 200 employees in the past three years. “We are a technology first company built and managed by IT professionals. This allows us to understand our clients’ needs and effectively help them achieve their goals. We have invested in a global talent pool of top IT and software professionals, and have built a streamlined talent acquisition process with flexible engagement models”, states Arathi Rajagopalan, CEO & President.

The majority of the top businesses, SMBs, and information innovators around the globe choose Integrass as their partner of choice. Integrass Consulting & Staffing Solutions forges enduring bonds with its client partners, gives them competitive advantages, and has won numerous accolades in the industry. Integrass is an integrated IT Professional Services company that offers clients solutions for all IT & software requirements, using Site Specific, Distant, Near Shore, and Offshore Approaches.

In addition, the firm has acquired knowledge in a wide variety of business verticals, marketing strategies, and technological advancements, enabling them to provide clients with specialized software solutions and resources for challenging business problems. Their areas of strength include those in sports, finance, healthcare, insurance, production, and other associated sectors.

Making IT Staffing and software development easier and hassle-free for all clients, Integrass is making great strides in the industry, with big plans for future growth.