Greenbay Organics: Toward A Healthy Tomorrow With Organic, Locally Sourced Produce

For Vijaiendra Singh Bhatia, MD at Greenbay Organics, the decision to start a company based on the motto, 'healthy living and better tomorrow' started when he was in the US. Living and working there for over 15 years, he realized over time, how organic food lifestyle is changing people's overall health and well-being in general. He often contemplated that something along the same lines could be done in India, for the people. Understanding that the Indian market was still pretty closed in terms of organic grown produce, he wished to make a difference and help people in his home country by introducing pesticide free produce. He then started the company, Greenbay Organics in 2017 focusing on locally grown medicinal plants and herbs. Today, Greenbay Organics is one of India's finest and fastest growing organic products brand, well known for its best quality organic ashwagandha, triphala, amla and fenugreek. "Our prime goal is to provide the best quality, transparency and assurance, which we feel currently lacks in this industry," says Vijaiendra.

Greenbay Organics is connected to thousands of farmers and suppliers across India, primarily involved in the cultivation of a variety of herbs and spices through organic means of sustainable farming. The company not only excels in organic products, but also has a vast range of premium export quality conventional products including dry herbs, spices, and other related commodities. The team at Greenbay Organics often works on the field, along side the farmers

to guide them and help them understand the requirements by educating them with the latest techniques. "The first year is difficult for farmers when they move to pesticide free farming, however if they cross that phase, it becomes even more profitable," adds Vijaiendra. Understanding that the shift for farmers from profit based to organic farming, sometimes takes a toll on them financially, Greenbay Organics also provides them with financial support.

Our prime goal is to provide the best quality,transparency and accountability, which we feel currently lacks in this industry

With decades of experience in this field, Greenbay Organics chooses the best of all, handpicked and checked at multiple levels for quality during sourcing, processing, packaging and transport, of all 150+ medicinal plants, herbs and spices indigenously grown. As per the need, the products can be customized whole, tea cut or powdered. The team gathers straight from the

farm and delivers them to just not ensure the best quality but also the lowest possible cost. The team at Greenbay Organics believe that building relationships is most important for sustainable growth of any company and good relationships between businesses will always rely on the quality of products and service.

Currently, the products at Greenbay Organics are directly sold to world’s best Ayurvedic manufacturing businesses and export houses. The company also exports its products to clients based in the US and EU region. Locally sourced and organically grown, Ashwagandha, Amla, Triphala, Harad, Baheda, Neem and Fenugreek are some of the main products that are sold by Greenbay Organics in other countries. There are 150+ products available at Greenbay Organics exported and sold to other domestic and international organic firms.