Foresee Aviation: Ensuring Premium Aviation Services With A Decade Of Rich And Valuable Experience

Santosh Kumar Sharma, CEO & Co- FounderSantosh is committed to providing professional and hassle-free services through Foresee Aviation. His passion for offering remarkable services has been applauded by the clients worldwide.

Owing to its fastest-growing aviation market, India now enjoys the privilege of being one of the top countries with successful and reliable aviation services to both domestic and international passengers. With the increasing demands for steadfast aviation services for the Government as well as private exercises such as air-cargo, goods transportation, private events, and entertainment including aircraft charter, sales and purchase for private use, many reputed firms are currently venturing into the industry with their impeccable aviation services. One such name which has managed to stand out as a strong player in the Indian aviation industry is Foresee Aviation.

Incepted by Santosh Kumar Sharma with a mission to provide the customers with outstanding service, unrivaled flexibility and unparalleled value, the premium services by the firm are ensured by the utilization of private and business jet charter for leisure and corporate travel. Providing the clients with the latest and most luxurious private jets with a level of professionalism that is second to none, Foresee Aviation is regarded as the premier aircraft charter provider in India with a decade of rich and valuable experience.

A Dream Come True
Going down the memory lane, Santosh Kumar Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder of Foresee Aviation recalls, "The quote by American poet and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson ­ `Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail' made a mark on my psyche when I was a very young child and drove me to traverse new paths and engage in innovative new trends.

I was in love with the aviation industry even before I stepped my first foot inside an aeroplane. Initially, I had not realized my life's calling and wandered through different jobs, earning a good amount of money, but
lacking the motivation or work satisfaction to stick to one work for a long time. Then, in September 2005, I joined a General Aviation Company in the position of a Sales Manager, and this gave a new meaning to my life.

In less than seven months, I was the head of the Sales and Marketing team and leading vibrant executives across major cities of India. While the work was exhilarating, I realized that the Indian private jet industry stood on shaky grounds due to a lack of organization and transparency. Here the end sufferers were the customers who had yet to experience and enjoy the world-class facilities offered in industrialized nations. This motivated me to co-found Foresee Aviations in 2009, and the rest is history."

Coming from a middle-class family where traveling through air was a luxury; the initial encounter of Santosh Kumar with this fascinating machine was second hand. As his father used to fly sometimes owing to his job responsibility, he filled in the young mind of Santosh Kumar with the wonders on air journeys. "I still remember how as a young child I waited patiently for my dad to return from one of his official trips and then pestered him to know about his flight experiences. It was during this time that I got to know about customer service and how he was served regally in the flights.

Unfortunately, due to heavy competition in the commercial aviation industry, this service has suffered the most and flight attendants have departed from quality giving services to some extent. I have tried to make up for that by providing stellar services at Foresee Aviation where every customer is treated as a royalty and the smallest wish is cared for. I could confidently say that I am living the life of my dreams. My job is a commitment towards life-long pleasures and I have taken a pledge to modify and improve the aviation industry," states Santosh Kumar.

Foresee Aviation stands is a leading professional private jet & helicopter aggregator in India and it is entering into a new era of digitization and disruption with the latest app `Book My Jet'

Future and Beyond
At present, Foresee Aviation stands as the top professional private jet & helicopter aggregator in India. The award-winning aircraft charter organization caters to both national and international clients such as Bharat Forge, Suzlon, Spice Group, Hard castle Restaurants, L'Oréal, BOCI, and JK Cement. Some of the recent accolades and recognitions include the Best Air Charter company in North India (by DDPL), India Best 5000 MSME Award (for out-standing contribution to the General Aviation industry), 50 Fabulous Leaders Award 2020. "Now, Foresee Aviation is venturing into a new era of digitization and disruption with the latest app `Book My Jet'.

The soon-to-be-launched app is the single national-level platform for private jet booking. It is easy, transparent, and provides a convenient booking service. With `Book My Jet', you can book a private aircraft of your choice with just the click of a finger and at a price that fits in your budget. The model is currently under test and would be launched very soon in the market. This is a strategic step in the Indian Private Jet Industry that opens up the doors of luxury aircrafts to a wider range of travelers. I hope more private jet carriers would initiate similar services and allow more people to fulfill their dreams of private jet travels," concludes Santosh Kumar.