Apollo Shine Foundation: Bringing Campuses Optimal Healthcare Solutions for Students

Offering quality healthcare solutions for students has become critical, especially given the decreasing ages for the prevalence of NCDs such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancers, and more. As a result, promoting awareness among students about the importance of health & hygiene, as well as impressing upon them the consequences of lifestyle choices, through an involved on campus program, is an urgent need. Especially given that most schools and colleges lack proper healthcare infrastructure or lack the expertise to construct and maintain the same in an effective and cost efficient manner.

As Indias largest student focused healthcare organization, Apollo Shine Foundation is backed by Apollo Hospitals, which brings 40 years of unparalleled experience in providing best-in-class healthcare services. Since its inception in 2015, the Apollo Shine Foundation has been running over 100health rooms across the Indian subcontinent and has screened approximately 500,000 students. The Apollo Shine Foundation is focused on the entire student community, be it schools, colleges or even training & coaching facilities. Apollo Shine also employs the largest number of nurses in India who are trained in student healthcare. The organization also collaborates closely with Apollos telemedicine team and has been keeping up with technological improvements and changing market dynamics to drive the needed innovation in the field.

This year the Apollo Shine Foundation is focused on linking remote cities & smaller schools &institutions by leveraging its state-of-the-art digital health kiosks & digital screening processes

"Even during the COVID-19 crisis, we were able to bring healthcare services to students' homes through a call center, where they could still use the health room by chatting with one of our nurses. We were then able to adapt that call center service into an app by studying these patterns and now have the Shine Parivar app, which allows students to use our services from home", says Dr.Ashraf Ali Baig, Senior Medical Officer at the Apollo Shine Foundation.

"Furthermore, we have seen many universities post a doctor or a nurse on campus without any adequate SOPs in place. We've been able to arrange this interaction and optimize the usage of doctors and nurses thanks to extremely clear protocols developed by Apollo Hospitals. This allows us to use them in the most efficient and cost effective way possible", he adds.

As a non-profit organization, Apollo Shine Foundation offers one of the cheapest solutions available in the market and is one of the only few organizations to be backed by a multinational hospital. The Apollo Shine Foundation's mission is to keep students out of hospitals by emphasizing preventive healthcare, health knowledge, and other behavioral patterns.

Offering End-to-end Solutions
Apollo Shine Foundation is affiliated with Apollo Hospitals, which manages all protocols and keeps a close check on how the foundation operates to maintain the highest quality that meets worldwide standards. Apollo Shine Foundation has carved a niche for itself as a 360-degree service provider offering a plethora of services, ranging from health room design to health room management.

The Apollo Shine Foundation conducts health screenings on a regular basis and reports the results to each institution. Furthermore, the foundation also provides emergency support and ambulance services. Students can also get mental health support and services. So its scope ranges from establishing a facility in their school to caring for them at home and ensuring that they receive appropriate treatment in hospitals.

"We are here to fight NCDs with the purpose of keeping India healthy. Our objective is to provide world class healthcare to the country's young and aspiring students. We want to build health rooms in every school and college in India and connect them to a strong healthcare system, particularly in rural and isolated areas", concludes Dr. Ashraf.