Veira Group India: Electronic Manufacturing At Its Best

Ankit Maini, Managing DirectorWith the exponential rise in demand and supportive demand conditions, the Indian market is poised to grow considerably in the next five years, primarily on account of growing per capita incomes, the consumption of electronics goods such as smartphones, consumer electronics, etc., and growing industrial demand. Veira is a company that was established in the Indian electronics market back in 1975.

The company since its inception has been engaged and devoted to the manufacturing of electronic products. Starting with one of the leading manufacturers of Tape recorders & DVD players in India, Veira has expanded its range to produce LED TVs, washing machines and Air coolers using its integration with its Plastic Molding setup, Main Board Assembly, as well as Creative Engineering institutions in various parts of the world.

Ankit Maini, the Managing Director of Veira says, "The Company has a large range of setups and technologies that are ready to be integrated into the Indian market. This is anticipated to higher up the company's current position." Veira is currently one of the largest ODMs for LED TVs in the country having fully integrated setups with a Company-owned moulding setup for plastic housing, SMT & MI setup for PCB Mounting and assembly. Furthermore, the company also performs EMS services for national and international brands who associate their own global sourcing and technology with Veira for pro-ducing the most advanced end products to come to the Indian market.

Rising up
The company operates its own reverse logistics segment having infrastructure of in-house bonding machines, polarizing and de-polarizing ma-chines. As an ODM, Veira believes that exclusivity to customers with variety is the need of the hour, therefore enhancement in design apart from technology is also a major differentiator. Based on this principle, Veira group today offers its clients more than 100 End product SKUs to choose from apart from having more than 50 in-house exclusive moulds.

Veira very well understands that constantly changing/enhancing technology with time is the most important thing to do in this digital era.
Ankit states, "Veira has evolved its products and been a first in introducing many small and large innovations in its product designs. This is apart from being a first in many to get tie-ups and integrate with the newest and strongest brands and technology partners globally."

Apart from the evolution of the products and services, the other factor that has been promoting the company's growth is its directors. Veira currently has a group of young and enthusiastic directors. The enthusiasm of the directors is taking to the next level at a very rapid rate. Moreover, since all of the directors are from different backgrounds, there opens up an opportunity to integrate diverse experiences in the company's products and services.

Creativity Blended With Expertise
Ankit emphasizes, "As a manufacturer in the field of electronics over the past 25 years, Veira gathers good experience and expertise to design, source, produce, distribute and service for the largest brands with the most complex networks in the country. Within the categories of products that Veira produces, Smart TV is the most promising segment with most brands looking to expand the productions in the country itself."

The major plus point of the company is that it allows its clients to design and manufacture high-quality products. Veira washing machines are first in the semi-automatic machines apart from having claimed one of the lowest sounds for air cooler range in India. For all these products as above, Veira is a complete solution provider to manufacture, produce and check quality.

The Indian market is poised to grow considerably in the next five years, primarily on account of growing per capita incomes, the consumption of electronics goods such as smartphones, consumer electronics, etc., and growing industrial demand.

Future Prospects
India is a country where consumer demand is defined by the leaders of the market. Brands with superior and different agendas have always been the ones controlling the Indian market. At this point in time, Veira happens to be one of the most competent manufacturers for more than 30 regional, national and international brands in the country. The company plans to expand itself and rise up even more in the very future. Veira aims at becoming the leader of the electronic design and manufacturing industry.

Ankit states, "We are looking forward at providing the customers with the best quality products with the latest technology at the lowest possible price. Providing the customers with trustworthy products is the company's vision." "Veira has the largest ageing setups in the country to carry out ageing and functionality tests for its products. We believe in continuous improvement and we want to be the first company to bring in latest technologies in the market" lastly concludes Ankit.